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Tech and AI with Betelhem Dessie, Zemach FM

The main content of our Interview With Betelhem Dessie

ከቤቴልሔም ደሴ ጋር ያደረግነው ቃለ ምልልስ ዋና ይዘት

In this episode of our podcast, we will discuss general tech and AI with Betelhem Dessie. Betelhem Dessie is the Chief Advisor at Icog, a founder at Icog-ACC ( anyone can code ), and a partner with kudu ventures.

በዚህ የፖድካስታችን ክፍል ስለ አጠቃላይ ቴክኖሎጂ እና ስለ አርቲፊሻል ኢንተለጀንስ ከበቴልሄም ደሴ ጋር እንወያያለን ፡፡ ቤቴልሄም ደሴ በአይኮግ ዋና አማካሪ ፣ በአይኮግ-ኤሲሲ መስራች (ማንኛውም ሰው ኮድ ማድረግ ይችላል) እና ኩዱ ካፒታሊስት ጋር አጋር ነው ፡፡

In our talk today we will discuss AI and its implications in our daily life, also in the future. We also talked about the startup competitions that are being helped by Solve it and other technology teaching platforms like Icog-ACC.

በዛሬው ንግግራችን ስለአርቲፊሻል ኢንተለጀንስ እና በዕለት ተዕለት ሕይወታችን ውስጥ ስለሚኖሩት አንድምታዎች ፣ ስለወደፊቱ እንዲሁ እንነጋገራለን ፡፡ በተጨማሪም በሶልቭ እና ሌሎች እንደ አይኮግ-ኤሲሲ ባሉ ሌሎች የቴክኖሎጂ ማስተማሪያ መድረኮች ፣ ውድድሮች እንነጋገራለን ፡፡

Betelhem Dessie ( ቤቴልሔም ደሴ ) twitter LinkedIn

In this episode, we have covered

  • Interview with Betelhem Dessie
    • 2:34 What are you most focused on
    • 3:16 Are most of your promising candidates (Solve-it or I-Cog ACC) from the rural part of Ethiopia or from Addis Ababa?
    • 4:49 Can you tell us a bit about the work you did for Hershey’s chocolate and Sophia? With the Sophia project we would be happy to hear the technical part, like was i-cog involved in the NLP or image recognition or even emotion detection?
    • 7:52 Do you get any ML projects from Ethiopian companies?  How do you see the AI, in Ethiopia and the world
    • 9:58 Do you think AI will take over if so how
    • 13:15 AI and stereotype, do you think it’s because of the training data or the people that actually code it?
    • 14:48 Is tech talent or skill,  what is your favorite programming language
    • 16:49At the end of your interview with Mella, you advised people to find their mentor, who was your mentor, or someone who had a big impact on your professional life.
    • 17:41 Do you ever feel imposter syndrome?
    • 18:14 In an interview with CGTN you said we don’t want tech colonization, how tech colonized do you think we are currently in Ethiopia? With the way, we use social media for example.
    • 20:43 What kind of results are you getting from projects like girls can code and solve-it? is it as you expected it when you started?
    • 24:04 What are the potentials and some mistakes you see in people who are starting to code?
    • 25:43 Why are we copy cat from western rather than creating a solution that fits our culture
    • 27:53 Any advice for people who are starting to get into tech and also to our podcast?
  • This week in Tech
    • 30:47 Dr. Timnit Gebru got fired from Google, She is one of the senior Black people in AI participating in Tech.
    • 35:22 Tik Tok is testing the video length from 1 minute to 3 minutes
    • 37:57 Slack is getting acquired by the salesforce for 27 billion dollar
    • 41:36 Spotify got hacked on this week, it was not serious but it left some people mad.

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