Inspiring children to code: With Nathan Damtew

የቅጂ ቀን22-02-2021


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On the 19th episode of Zemach FM, Nathan Damtew was our guest. Nathan is the founder and CEO at BeBlocky, an AR(Augmented Reality) mobile game that lets children learn the basics of programming like conditions in a fun and interactive way. Nathan is also a managerial director at Yenetta code which is a coding education center mostly focused on children. On this episode we took a look at how he started these two companies, how they are helping children to understand the basics of programming without making it a hustle.

Episode Timeline

01:00 Introducing Nathan to the show

02:30 How Nathan Damtew got into tech and entrepreneurship

06:17 How the idea for BeBlocky came up

09:55 How Yenetta Code and BeBlocky are working together

12:13 The Augmented Reality feature on BeBlocky

15:30 BeBlocky’s growth after the TechCrunch event

18:30 BeBlocky & Yenetta Code at the time of COVID-19 lockdown

20:10 Nathan’s experience on TechCrunch Disrupt

25:35 Co founding socially with Sitra and Leilina

29:30 Why BeBlocky and Yenetta code is concentrating on children to teach coding

38:15 Advice to new and aspiring entrepreneurs

42:00 How BeBlocky, Yenetta Code & socially got their first investments and grants

45:13 Is BeBlocky generating profit currently ?

47:50 Nathan’s advice to people starting programming lessons

53:10 Nathan’s activities outside of the tech world

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