Being a Developer and digitizing eQub with Yohana Ermias.

የቅጂ ቀን11-01-2021


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Being a Developer and digitizing epub with Yohana Ermias.

In this episode of Zemach FM podcast, we have talked with CTO and co-founder at eQub , Yohana Ermias. In our discussion, we talked about being a developer and being a self-taught developer. we also talked about their brand new app on a test phase called eQub.

self taught programmer paths on github

link to Yohana

More about eQub

Episode content

  • 02:25 Tech giants role in the chaos that happened in America
  • 04:17 So why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?
  • 11:53 You started programming with IOS(Swift), What do you think about the stereotype that IOS “development is hard”
  • 16:13 In your previous interview with Afro FM. You have said you were not able to scale because you didn’t learn computer science theories, so how do you put the importance of computer science theories and how did you overcome them?
  • 20:30 What are you working on right now and if you are planning on doing a tutorial,
  • 21:57 I would be great to get your opinion on frameworks like flutter
  • 23:00 What is your work habit like and how did you develop good work ethics?
  • 27:10 How do you handle burnouts?
  • 29:10 What is your opinion about outsourcing software solutions?
  •  32:18 What is the most common mistake self-taught programmers make
  • 36:30 Previous projects by Yohana Ermias
  • 42:30 Have you ever felt imposter syndrome? If so how did you handle it
  • 44:47 Moving on to your most recent activities we find the eQub App, so what exactly does your app do, what does it solve? How does it work?
  • 46:50 How does an eQub group work on your app? Is it like auto-generated via the app, do you search and join one, do users find contacts from their phone and try to make a group?
  • 49:27 It would be great if you tell us how this idea appeared to you guys, was there a special eureka moment?
  • 51:07 We are really curious about how you guys are planning to manage the payment issues in our country?
  • 53:03 How did the first beta test go for eQub?
  • 54:11 So what was the hardest part about developing a system like this in Ethiopia? it might be related to bureaucracy or lack of developers or any other thing
  • 55:20 Any last advice for developers specially for self-thought developers?
  • 56:57 Any last words you want to pass to our listeners

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  • Adobe Flash Player comes to an End.
  • Parler got blocked from play store
  • Donald trump account suspended forever on Twitter and got suspended on Facebook, Shopify, and other main social platforms