Software development in Ethiopia: Our opinions

የቅጂ ቀን11-07-2021


የቆይታ ጊዜ51:37


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On the 39th episode of Zemach FM, we took a break from our Artificial Intelligence series and had a general discussion about Software development in Ethiopia. We discussed our opinions on the things that are getting implemented in a good manner, where we need to improve more on, how we can improve on those parts of software implementations, and the overall software development culture in Ethiopia.

Episode Timeline

02:50 Episode title introduction

05:15 Some of the apps we usually use.

10:00 Some disturbing user experiences

13:00 Reaching the main goal of the Application

14:15 The importance of continuous development

17:30 Better user interfaces.

18፡10 The problem with software development in big companies

20:00 How the smallest things can mess up the whole software

22:00 Makings Systems and applications scalable – the famous ሲስተም የለም

26:28 Optimizing your code

27:30 How the closed-door policy is hurting us

30:46 The lack of international payments

32:45 How to improve user experience and user interface

35:30 How to improve system performance and scalability

37:00 How to improve the functionality of a software

38:30 Improving collaboration in software development

41:30 The importance of maintainable code

46:30 Following new development tools and frameworks

48:10 Having larger development teams

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