Neuralink: What it is and how it might change our world.

የቅጂ ቀን18-07-2021


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On the 40th episode of Zemach FM, we are taking a look at Neuralink. A brain chip that aims to make direct communication from the human brain to digital devices and vice versa. With this breakthrough the company hopes to treat different brain-related illnesses as well as moving towards complicated operations like telepathic communication, memory storing and recovery, as well as many other operations in the future. We discussed how the company and the idea got to this stage, how the device works, its current state, and what it might hold in the future.

Episode Timeline

02:00 Episode title introduction

03:30 A little about pager the monkey

04:10 How Neuralink got started

07:26 Some similar implementations of neuralink and inspirations for the device.

10:00 How neuralink progressed over time

12:00 How neuralink works

16:00 Some goals of the device

17:45 What is transhumanism ?

21:00 What can come after the write operation from neuralink

23:20 Hardware of the neural link

25:00 How the implantation process works

28:00 Where does neuralink use artificial intelligence

31:15 what the future of neuralink might bring

34:20 Some fallbacks of the technology

39:18 Our opinions about the tech

44:18 can it be accepted in to different communities?

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