Github Co-Pilot: Stealing jobs or an honest pair programmer

የቅጂ ቀን25-07-2021


የቆይታ ጊዜ36:52


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On the 41st episode of Zemach FM, we are discussing about Github Co-Pilot. Github copilot is a recently released AI-powered tool that assists developers and programmers in writing code efficiently. It suggests blocks of code to the programmer based on the function names, comments that the programmer writes as well as based on the context of previous code. We will be discussing what the tool is capable of, how it works as well as what Github has planned for the future of the tool.

Episode Timeline

02:00 Episode title introduction

05:45 Introduction to what Github Co-Pilot does

06:30 Who participated in building Github co-pilot

07:50 Additional remarks on what Github co-pilot is

10:30 Is co-pilot ready to replace developers?

11:30 Some nice side of Github copilot

13:00 How does Github co-pilot suggest codes

16:30 How are programmers taking their new co-pilot

17:20 Some flaws on the current Github co-pilot release

19:00 The issues with direct code snippet suggestions

20:40 Can training data licenses be a threat for the future of Github co-pilot

21:40 Is GitHub co-pilot a stochastic parrot

24:20 Can you fully trust the output from co-pilot

27:00 Is commercial software going to be the future for Github co-pilot

30:20 Does Github co-pilot leak secure keys from public codes?

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