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On the 29th episode of zemach fm we are continuing our previous discussion which was cryptocurrency. On this episode we dive deep in to some of the introduction sections we discussed last time. We dove deep into blockchain and proof of work, Alt coins, different types of wallets, things to look out for, and what the future of cryptocurrency might look like.

Episode Timeline

02:34 Episode title introduction

04:14 Deepdive in to blockchain technology

08:30 Why is blockchain required

08:45 The overall structure of blockchain

14:20 Why is proof of work required

15:20 What actually is a mining process

19:10 The other proofing way – proof of stake

21:45 What are cryptocurrency wallets

23:45 Public and private keys in wallets

25:10 Hot storage and cold storage

27:41 Seed phrases in cold storages

30:31 What are alt coins

32:00 How dogecoin came in to existence

35:00 Are alt coins really better than bit coin

37:00 What are stable coins

39:00 Things to look out for in the cryptocurrency world

40:16 What is a coin burn

45:35 What to expect in the future for cryptocurrencies

50:00 Some country policies on cryptocurrency

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