Ethics In Artificial Intelligence: With Dr. Timnit Gebru

የቅጂ ቀን08-08-2021


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On the 43rd Episode of Zemach FM, We bring you Dr. Timnit Gebru to discuss about Ethics in Artificial intelligence. Even though our main focus was some of the Ethics issues in artificial intelligence, we also tried to discuss in-depth about Dr. Timnit’s career journey, the good and bad side of AI models being implemented by big tech companies these days, what some of the details of there paper about Stochastic parrots was all about and much more.

Episode Timeline

01:22 Introduction to our guest and episode title.

02:44 Timnit Gebru’s career journey introduction

07:12 What Timnit Gebru thinks about AI takeover

09:29 How was your stay at Microsoft and Apple?

16:00 How would you inform people with no knowledge about the dangers of ethical problems in AI?

21:33 The problems of content control using Artificial intelligence

23:30 What are some of the contents of “On the dangers of Stochastic Parrots”

31:40 What are some of the solutions for the common problems in Artificial intelligence.

34:50 Why is low attention given to software services being provided to Africa

36:50 How was Black In AI started and what are some of the jobs being done there.

41:40 Why was Dr. Timnit Gebru fired from Google.

45:50 What is Dr. Timnit focusing on these days.

46:50 Is making tech research important for Ethiopia and Africa as a whole?

50:00 Dr. Timit’s advice to people getting into Artificial Intelligence

52:30 What is your plan for the institute you are planning to open?

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